The Global Cultures Project

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The Global Cultures Website

This new website has been launched to provide information about the Global Cultures Project directed by Belén Martín Lucas out of University of Vigo, Spain.

This project examines the hypervisibility / invisibility of racial, sexual and gender markers of difference in transnational cultural products from Europe and other multicultural societies (Australia, Canada, USA) from the intersection of Postcolonial, Gender, Queer and Citizenship Studies, in order to provide a diagnosis of the level of influence of market forces (material and ideological) on contemporary culture in its three phases: production, circulation and reception. To find out more about the project, see the About page.

This replaces the old site, and this new site is under construction, so look out for new content regarding conferences, seminars, publications and the Transnational Story Hub. Also, keep an eye on this page for news and announcements regarding project developments.